Sale! -30% on BALANCER ADEPT

14 июня 2022

Discounted items available for purchase

Greenway Global announces a promotion on your favourite BALANCER ADEPT shakes.

From June 14 to 30, you can buy coconut milk shakes at 30% off. Hurry up and indulge yourself in bright flavours of cappuccino, pina colada, matcha latte and Thai Tom Yam soup.

BALANCER ADEPT are the first coconut milk shakes created for vegans, people with lactose intolerance and anyone who wants to eat more plant-based foods. Free from lactose, sugar, gluten and GMOs.

#01214EU BALANCER ADEPT Cappuccino flavoured cocktail, 7 pcs.
#01215EU BALANCER ADEPT Pina Colada flavoured cocktail, 7 pcs.
#01216EU BALANCER ADEPT Matcha Latte flavoured cocktail, 7 pcs.

Promotional price: 16.50 euros / 454.60 crowns

#01217EU BALANCER ADEPT cocktail with Thai Tom Yum Soup flavour, 5 pcs

Promotional price: 12,10 euro / 334,10 crowns

#01219EU BALANCER ADEPT MIX SET cocktail (cappuccino, matcha latte, pina colada with coconut milk), 3 pcs.

Promotional price: 7,20 euros / 197 crowns