16 июня 2022

Products available for purchase

Hemp products are not only a global trend gaining popularity but also an effective and safe composition. Products based on hemp oil contain a high content of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, which promote cell regeneration, nourish the skin and restore barrier function.

Greenway Global introduces the HEMP BEAUTY COLLECTION, a new line of skin care products for beautiful and healthy skin at any age. They are based on the cold-pressed hemp oil, which is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids and vitamins. It restores the hydro-lipid balance, improves elasticity, eliminates redness, and ensures the delivery of active anti-age components to the skin-deep layers.

03001EU Moisturizing Day Cream for all skin types
03004EU Cream gel for combination and oily skin with hemp extract and azelaic acid
03009EU Moisturizing mask with hemp oil and beta-glucan

Price: 5,30 EUR / 145,60 CZK
Volume: 3,2 PV

03002EU Nutritious night cream with hemp oil and ginseng extract
03010EU Cleansing mask with ground hemp and tomato extract

Price: 5,50 EUR / 150,80 CZK
Volume: 3,3 PV

03005EU Cream for dry and sensitive skin with hemp oil and wild chamomile extract

Price: 6,40 EUR / 176,80 CZK
Volume: 3,8 PV

03006EU Refreshing eye cream gel with hemp and algae extracts

Price: 4,70 EUR / 130 CZK
Volume: 2,8 PV

03007EU Anti-age eye cream with hemp oil and silk peptides
03008EU Facial scrub with ground hemp and broccoli extract

Price: 5,10 EUR / 140 CZK
Volume: 3 PV

03011EU Super hydration and protection hand cream with hemp and argan oils
03012EU Moisturizing foot cream with hemp oil and allantoin

Price: 5,30 EUR / 145,90 CZK
Volume: 3 PV

03013EU Anti-swelling & fatigue foot cream gel with hemp and horse chestnut extract

Price: 6,20 EUR / 171,60 CZK
Volume: 3,7 PV

03014EU Moisturizing body cream with hemp оil and grape seed extract
03016EU Body scrub with ground hemp and basil extract

Price: 7,40 EUR / 203,10 CZK
Volume: 4,3 PV

03015EU Stop-cellulite body cream with hemp and red pepper extract

Price: 11,10 EUR / 306,90 CZK
Volume: 6,7 PV