Product Day for European partners: Kitchen Cleaning

17 июня 2022

June 18-19

Perfect order in the kitchen has always been considered a sign of a good housewife and a guarantee of family health. Detergents and haste in cleaning are bad helpers, but Greenway Global products are indispensable!

Professional tips and life hacks for high-quality cleaning, presented during the Product Day, will help you choose effective tools and significantly reduce the time to clean up.

Product Day Heroes:

  • Absolute mini. kitchen set
  • Ujut. Universal cloth (turquoise)
  • Ujut. Universal cloth (orange)
  • Ultra. Involver sponge
  • Splitter. kitchen sponge
  • Absolute. Involver sponge (yellow)
  • Absolute. Involver sponge (green)
  • Sponge "Involver" Medium AQUAmagic Ultra
  • Sponge "Involver" Large AQUAmagic Ultra
  • Ultra. Involver disk

Remember that the discount on products will be valid for 2 days - June 18 and 19. European mentors hold Product Day. Contact them for more information!


Best tips on how to clean kitchen quickly and efficiently. See you at Product Day!